J & G Enterprises started in 1994. Our goals were to establish an educational training company that would excel in superior products and services, while instilling our motto: "Business Goes Where it is Invited, and Stays Where it is Best Treated." J & G is dedicated to teaching and training businesses to realize the importance of developing goals, committment and motivation to achieve their highest standard in the marketplace.

Seminars - J & G offers a dynamic variety of business educational training courses. Topics include:
sdfsdfsdfsd - How to Survive & Win as a Small Business
asdlkfjdslkjd- Managers Managing People
asdfsadfasd- Why Am I Here? - Understanding the Importance of My Job
asdfsdfadsf - Superbowl Selling
asdfsdfasdf - Safety Using Human Relations Skills

Consulting - J & G offers a full line of business and marketing programs in:
dfsdfsdfsds - Sales Training
dfsdfsdfsds - Market Evaluation
dfsdfsdfsds - Financial Planning & Capital Building

dfsdfsdfsds - Small Business Development
dfsdfsdfsds - Management / Team Building
Distribution - J & G Specializes in private label bottled water for:
dfsdfsdfsds - Business Promotion
dfsdfsdfsds - Wedding Receptions
dfsdfsdfsds - Sporting Events
dfsdfsdfsds - Catering
dfsdfsdfsds - Conventions
Design - Every company has a personality. Every business has an image.
J & G Enterprises's in-house design team can help create the right look for you. We specialize in:
dfsdfsdfsds - Web Design
dfsdfsdfsds - Marketing Materials & Mail-outs
dfsdfsdfsds - Ad Design
dfsdfsdfsds - And Much More

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